South Korea assesses national team’s WC performance

Committee chairman Lee Young Moo said: “We need to chalk out a long-term plan and a seminar will be held next month, which would be the first step in that direction.”

“We have a responsibility towards youth football and to fulfil that we will hold workshops to delve upon strategic changes required to improve the game,” he added.

Technical committee member Choi Kyung Sik said: “The World Cup was the best opportunity to see where we stand in world football today. To match the top teams, we need to be technically sound and our youngsters must achieve that quality.”

Lee said the importance of speed based on physical strength was underscored by the analysis. This needed a certain level of technical understanding from the youth football level.

“The reports will be given to all youth football directors and coaches,” said Lee. After publishing the report and visual material, we will all convene again to have workshops and more details on set-piece strategies will follow.”