Release: Iran Sports Press Statement in Regards to Unlawful Suspension of Account

Update 5/1/2015

WE ARE BACK. Our account has been re-activated and the forum is back up and running. We would like to thank all of you for your messages of support during this time.



Update 4/30/2015

Dear Friends,

We have been in contact with our hosting company, A Small Orange, and believe that this issue will be resolved shortly. It has come to our attention that information provided by PayPal to us was incorrect. We are actively working with ASO to gain access to our data and believe this will happen within the next 24hrs. We are not sure when the forum will be back up but are looking at all options to return to normal as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank you again for your understanding and patience.



Dear Friends,

As you have noticed our forum has been down for several weeks due to a dispute with our hosting company. We held back from posting a notice to our members until we fully investigated and understood what was going on in the hopes of finding an amicable resolution.

As of the posting of this message we have not resolved this issue and continue to have our data held without having any access to it. The data in question includes tens of years of archived posts by our members and their account information.

High-level order of events

We noticed that our forum was down with a suspension message and initiated contact with our hosting company. They agreed to activate our account for a period of 48hrs while we transferred money from our bank account to our PayPal account to pay our yearly hosting fee. During this transfer our PayPal account was flagged for review, which per PayPal is normal procedure. Upon the completion of their review process the monies set to be sent to A Small Orange was released to A Small Orange. Unfortunately around the same time A Small Orange cancelled the transfer on their end.

Where we are today

At this point, our hosting company, A Small Orange, has accused us to be in violation of Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations incorrectly. We attempted to work with A Small Orange to resolve this misunderstanding to no avail. They specifically told us that, “The reason you payment was declined was specifically due to government regulations.” – from Cheryl H. We have contacted PayPal and they have assured us we are not in violation of any Laws and that our account is active and we can use it to process payments to A Small Orange.

We have tried several times to prove to A Small Orange that we are residents of Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. We have gone as far as providing them passport and licenses.

What are our next steps?

We are in the process of retaining legal council but would appreciate any information you may have that can help us in this matter to resolve this unlawful suspension. You can contact us by emailing at anytime.

We apologize to our members and supporters for this long delayed update, as we believed this matter could be cleared up quickly. As we continue to figure out what we can do we ask for your patience and would like you to know that we will be back.

We are currently reviewing all options available to us to stand up a new forum. Unfortunately since we do not have access to our data this forum would be created from scratch and would require members to create new accounts. We will provide updates as we move forward and would like to again thank you for supporting us.