Memi Becirovic: Iran prepares for FIBA Basketball World Cup

( | Tehran Times – Iran basketball coach Memi Becirovic said that the FIBA Asia Cup serves as a preparatory competition for the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain.

Iran has been drawn in Pool A of the FIBA Asia Cup along with host China, Japan, Indonesia and India. The tournament is underway in Wuhan, China.

“We have every chance to go on to win the title. And if you at the long run of the international season, this is just the second game for us,” Becirovic told

Iran has been pitted against World No 2 team Spain, 2013 Eurobasket winner France, Egypt, Serbia and Brazil in Group A of the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

“We have to win two games. It’s as simple as that. I’m confident we can achieve that,” he said.

“The most important factor that works to our advantage is that we have nothing to lose against any of these teams. They are all big names and therefore the pressure will be on them,” he said.

“Look at our first game for example. We play against Spain. They are the home team and it’s their first game in front of home fans. They have the expectations of the home crowd to please. We just have to play good basketball,” he explained.

“It’s the same with all the others in our group. All of them are more under pressure to win against us than we are against them. I hope we can turn that into our advantage,” he added.

“We are going in with a lot of good feel factor behind us. Physically we are stronger and tactically we are more adept. We are not afraid of any opponent anymore. We’ll work hard at our preparation and give it all we have,” he said.