ISP National Team Grading: IRN – AZB

Iran Sports Press is hoping to use guest scorers from time to time, to make the scoring more exciting for our readers.

For the past Bundesliga season both the average grade and the middle number (median) out of 196 graded players was approximately 3.6. Many factors will be considered when grading the players; one of the more important factors will be the opponents and the importance of the match. A player who performs identically in two different games can be graded differently depending on the level of difficulty facing in the two different matches and the importance of them. Decisive moments can raise a player’s grade more or less depending on the importance of the action. A player who has been average for 90 minutes but scores a highly vital goal will probably get his mark raised depending on the importance and how the goal was scored.

1 = Once in a life time performance
1,5 = World Class
2 = Very good
2,5 = Good
3 = above average
3,5 = Average
4 = below average
4,5 = Bad
5 = Very bad
5,5 = Disaster
6 = His worst ever game

Iran – Azerbaijan

Result: 2-1

Goals scored by Iran: Zandi 1-0, Nekounam 2-0

Grades set by ISP News Team

Starting lineup: Mirzapour 3.33 – Kabi 3.33, Golmohammadi 2.33, Nosrati 2.83, Zare 2.83 – Mahdavikia 3.5, Nekounam 2.5, Karimi 3.66, Zandi 1.83 – Hashemian 3.5, Daei 3.66

Substituts: Badavi 3.5, Kameli 3.5, Kazemian 3.75, Mobali 3.75, Borhani 3.5, Enayati 4.0

ISP man of the match: Zandi (1.83)