ISP Editorial: Milad Mohammadi Iran’s rising star in 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Author: Naveed M 23 year old Tehran born Milad Mohammadi could be about to shake up the world in Russia 2018. The host country already know about his lightning fast speed down the flanks but perhaps Russia 2018 will be the window that could take Milad flying even higher. Only one round has been played in the new season but what a game it was for Mohammadi and his side Akhmat Grozny.

Milad showed up even faster than last season and with his confidence rising for every start, he is making a real name of himself in Russia. Mohammadi who capped 12 times for Team-Melli is also a vital part of the Iran defense that is yet to concede a single goal in the last round of qualifying.

Without a doubt Milad can be as a big positive factor in 2018 World Cup as Mehrdad Pooladi was for Iran four years earlier in the same left back position. If Milad can bulk up just a bit and get some finishing advise from his twin brother, Mehrdad. He can turn into an unstoppable freight train that moves fast as sound up and down the left flank.