Iran’s Tactics is “Reactive Football”: The Guardian

( Guardian)- The main aspect of Carlos Queiroz’s tactics is “reactive football” with a deep-lying defense and quick counterattacks.

Iran has been drawn along wit, Spain, Portugal and Morocco in Group B of the 2018 World Cup.

Team Melli is playing in a second successive World Cup for the first time. Queiroz’s men were the first Asian side to qualify for this tournament and did so with 12 consecutive clean sheets, The Guardian reported.

The main aspect of Queiroz’s tactics is “reactive football” with a deep-lying defence and quick counterattacks. However, in recent friendlies against Russia, Panama and Venezuela, Iran played with a different tactic, pressing higher up the pitch and adopting a more aggressive approach.

Queiroz, despite a temper and petulance that has caused many seemingly pointless controversies in recent years, is very popular in Iran because of the results and performances.

Many believe he has given a real character to the national team. Iran has many Europe-based players this season and Queiroz tends to select those who play outside their homeland.