Iran’s Free style wrestler Reza Yazdani confirmed for Olympics

( | TehranTimes)- Iranian freestyle wrestler Reza Yazdani has confirmed that he will be competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics despite struggling with an ankle injury.

Yazdani, nicknamed “Leopard of Juybar”, has been sidelined since April after suffering an ankle sprain which occurred in training.
The 97kg wrestler returned to training early in June but he is not 100% fit yet.
“I’m ready enough to compete at the Olympics. The Olympic medal is what I’ve missed during my whole career and I hope to win it in Rio with the support and pray of Iranian fans,” Yazdani said.
It’s been an up and down couple of years for Reza Yazdani, the 97kg superstar from Iran. Injuries are not unfamiliar for Yazdani, who suffered a brutal knee injury in the semi’s of the Olympics back in 2012. At that time, Yazdani was widely regarded as among the best wrestlers in the world at any weight.
Since that time, Yazdani had come back and looked strong. At the Club World Championships Yazdani teched USA’s Olympic Champion in 2012, Jake Varner. Since suffering his most recent injury, Yazdani is back on the road to recovery.
Two-time world champion competed in the London 2012 Olympics but was injured in the semi-final, in the match against Ukrainian competitor Valeriy Andriytsev.