Iran wins 2017 junior Greco-Roman World Championship title after 34 years [VIDEO]

( Defending champion Zviadi PATARIDZE (GEO) eased to a 6-2 victory over challenger Roman KIM (KGZ) on Sunday and claimed his third title at the Junior Wrestling World Championships.

Pataridze rolled up three technical falls at 120kg in the morning session at Tampere Exhibition and Sport Center and appeared headed to a fourth in the championship final. The champ, however, was warned against “push-out” points as he dialed back his offense for the points victory.

Pataridze’s three world titles equals the three crowns he has won at the European junior championships, bringing his total in major age-group competitions to nine – with a one European cadet crown along with two cadet world titles.

Meanwhile, Iran secured the team title with a gold and silver medal on Sunday for a total of 58 points and a five-point win over second-place Russia. Turkey climbed into third place, overtaking first day leader U.S. with gold and bronze medals and 38 points.


Iran’s gold medal came from Asian junior champion Amin KAVIYANINEJAD (IRI) who backed Malkhas AMOYAN (ARM) out of the wrestling area with a minute remaining in the 66kg final for two points, a caution and a 3-3 victory.

Last year’s junior world bronze medalist Arman ABDEVALI (IRI) upgraded to silver at 84kg for Iran but could not overcome junior European champ Aleksandr KOMAROV (RUS) in the gold medal match.

Komarov pulled himself behind Abdevali for two points early in the bout and quickly added two more with a gut wrench. Under pressure from Abdevali in the second period, Komarov escaped from the edge of the mat, dropping his opponent to his back for four points and the technical fall.

In the first gold medal final of the evening at 55kg, European champ Kerim KAMAL (TUR) grabbed a 4-1 lead over Zholaman SHARSHENBEKOV (KGZ) in the first period with a pair of throws. He broke the bout open in the second with a four-point throw and 12-3 technical fall.

In the bronze medal bouts at 55kg, 2015 cadet world champ Turabek TIRKASHEV (UZB) locked up a front headlock and cranked Serghei JEPAN (MDA) over for a pair of four-point scores and the technical fall.

European silver medalist Emin SEFERSHAEV (RUS) received the final passivity point for a 2-2 win over Tigran MINASYAN (ARM) — changed to 3-2 after a lost challenge from the Armenian corner.

At 66 kg, Miakhdi IAKHIAEV (RUS) scored with a step-out in the first period and a bodylock takedown for a 3-1 win over Mikko PELTOKANGAS (FIN), while Namaz RUSTAMOV (AZE) held on for a 2-2 win over former European junior champion  Murat FIRAT (TUR)

At 84kg, Salih AYDIN (TUR) scored a late takedown for a 3-2 lead, adding a gut wrench and then, coming out of a final scramble for a 7-4 win over 2015 cadet world bronze medalist Nicu OJOG (ROU).

Mikita KLIMOVICH (BLR) weathered a storm of headlocks that put hi, down 4-0 to local favorite Toni METSOMAEKI (FIN) after three minutes. The European silver medalist took control midway through the second with takedown a series of gut wrenches for a 12-9 victory.

And, prior to Pataridze’s final at 120kg, Konsta MAEENPAEAE (FIN) caught Patryk KAMINSKI (POL) in a headlock for two points, arched him over for a quick 6-0 lead. With the vocal support of local fans, Maeenpaeae scored back exposure on Kaminski with a front headlock for the technical fall – as the  crowd went wild

In the bronze medal bout of the championships, Amin MIRZAZADEH (IRI), a fifth-place finisher at last year’s junior world meet, followed up on a spin-behind takedown with a series of gut wrenches for an 8-0 technical fall over European silver medalist Georgi GADZHINOV (RUS).

Kamal BEY (USA) stormed to five victories for the 74kg title in Greco-Roman as events in the classic style got under way with a bang Saturday at the Junior Wrestling World Championships.

Bey outscored his five opponents by a combined score of 61-23, including his 16-11 triumph over Asian junior champion Akzhol MAKHMUDOV (KGZ) in the championship final at Tampere Exhibition and Sport Center.

“It was great wrestling (Makhmudov); he wrestles like me,” Bey said after the awards ceremony. “Every time I thought I had cleared one situation with him, he was back in with another.”

“I think I’ve come full circle since finishing in eighth place last year (at the junior world championships).  But, tonight we can go out and celebrate the win, celebrate our team and celebrate Greco-Roman.”

Some observers explained that Bey’s statement was probably referring to Greco-Roman in the United States where a new program under national team coach Matt LINDLAND (USA) is beginning to bear fruit.

But, it also seems that his remark may have a broader meaning for the classic style internationally. After Bey’s match, one could hear the excitement of the voices of fans, coaches and officials in the arena, expressing their approval of the performance they had just seen – in remarks like “Now that’s Greco-Roman!”

Meanwhile, in other bouts Saturday evening, Iranian Asia champion Poya DAD MARZ (50kg) and runner-up Keramat ABDEVALI (60kg) grabbed the first two gold medals of the evening.

Dad Mraz kept the pressure on last year’s Pan American bronze medal winner Cevion SEVERADO (USA) throughout their six minute bout for a 6-0 win, followed by Abdevali who raced out to a 7-0 lead in the first period of his gold medal pairing with Oleksander HRYUSHYN (UKR) and held on for a 7-5 victory.

In the bronze medal match at 50kg, Kensuke SHIMIZU (JPN) scored with a front headlock and turn in the first period on his way to an 8-0 technical fall over Maksym VYSOTSKYI (ISR). Ilkhom BAKHROMOV (UZB) scored a late duck-under and turn for a 10-7 win over ZHANG Haifeng (CHN).

At 60kg, Magomed MAGOMEDOV (RUS) scored with a step-out point and a passivity point and made it stand for a 2-1 win over Taylor LAMONT (USA). Hassan Hassan Ahmed MOHAMED (EGY) uncorked a headlock in the final 30 seconds for a 4-3 win over Manish MANISH (IND).

And, prior to the free-for-all between Bey and Makhmudov, Asian bronze medalist Sajan SAJAN (IND) pulled away in the second period for a 6-1 win over Ali Osman ERBAY (TUR) in the first match. Nasir HASANOV (AZE), a cadet world runner-up last year, broke open a close match with a chest lock takedown and a duck-under for a 7-1 over Per OLOFSSON (SWE).

In the evening’s finale at 96kg, two-time European bronze medalist Vladen KOZLIUK (UKR) took former cadet world champion Artur SARGSIAN (RUS) to his back for four points in the first period, then held on a 4-4 victory on criteria.

In the bronze medal matches, Jan ZIRN (GER) marched to a 4-2 win over Michail IOSIFIDIS (GRE) and hometown favorite Arvi SAVOLAINEN (FIN) won the replay of the European championship bout with Suleyman ERBAY (TUR) by technical fall, 10-2, at 5:54 after Erbay attempted a leaping over-the-head attack that ended up on his back.

Results of Gold & Bronze Medal Matches, Final Team Rankings


50kg (17 entries)
Gold – Poya DAD MARZ (IRI) df. Cevion SEVERADO (USA), 6-0
Bronze – Kensuke SHIMIZU (JPN) df. Maksym VYSOTSKYI (ISR) by TF,  8-0, 4:20
Bronze – Ilkhom BAKHROMOV (UZB) df. ZHANG Haifeng (CHN), 10-7

55kg (22 entries)
Gold – Kerem KAMAL (TUR) df. Zholaman SHARSHENBEKOV (KGZ) by TF, 12-3, 4:09
Bronze – Turabek TIRKASHEV (UZB) df. Serghei JEPAN (MDA) by TF, 8-0, 1:33
Bronze – Emin SEFERSHAEV (RUS) df. Tigran MINASYAN (ARM), 3-2

60kg (28 entries)
Gold – Keramat ABDEVALI (IRI) df. Oleksander HRUSHYN (UKR), 7-5
Bronze – Magomed MAGOMEDOV (RUS) df. Taylor LAMONT (USA), 2-1
Bronze – Hassan Hassan Ahmed MOHAMED (EGY) df. Manish MANISH (IND), 4-3


66kg (27 entries)
Gold – Amin KAVIYANINEJAD (IRI) df. Malkhas AMOYAN (ARM), 3-3
Bronze – Miakhdi IAKHIAEV (RUS) df. Mikko PELTOKANGAS (FIN), 3-1
Bronze – Namaz RUSTAMOV (AZE) df. Murat FIRAT (TUR), 2-2

74kg (32 entries)
Gold – Kamal BEY (USA) df. Akzhol MAKHMUDOV (KGZ), 16-11
Bronze – Sajan SAJAN (IND) df. Ali Osman ERBAY (TUR), 6-1
Bronze – Nasir HASANOV (AZE) df. Per OLOFSSON (SWE) by TF, 10-1, 6:00

84kg (28 entries)
Gold – Aleksandr KOMAROV (RUS) df. Arman ALIZADEH ABDEVALI (IRI) by TF, 9-0, 3:16
Bronze – Salih AYDIN (TUR) df. Nicu OJOG (ROU), 7-4
Bronze – Mikita KLIMOVICH (BLR) df. Toni METSOMAEKI (FIN), 12-9

96kg (26 entries)
Gold – Vladen KOZLIUK (UKR) df. Artur SARGSIAN (RUS), 4-4
Bronze – Jan ZIRN (GER) df. Michail IOSIFIDIS (GRE), 4-2
Bronze – Arvi SAVOLAINEN (FIN) df. Suleyman ERBAY (TUR) by TF, 12-2, 5:54

120kg (22 entries)
Gold – Zviadi PATARIDZE (GEO) df. Roman KIM (KGZ), 6-2
Bronze – Konsta MAEENPAEAE (FIN) df.  Patryk KAMINSKI (POL) by TF, 8-0, 1:49
Bronze – Amin MIRZAZADEH (IRI) df. Georgi GADZHINOV (RUS) by TF, 8-0, 1:37

Final Team Rankings (Top Six)

1. Iran, 58 points (3 gold medals, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
2. Russia, 53 (1-1-3)
3. Turkey, 38 (1-0-1)
4. United States, 29 (1-1-0)
5. Kyrgyzstan, 28 (0-3-0)
6. Finland, 28 (0-0-2)