Iran is expected to be in pot 4 of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia Iran is expected to be in pot 4 of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

For a while it looked like Team-Melli will be in pot 3 for the World Cup draw however with the last minute goal scored by Syrian National Team during the qualifier match and the lack of further qualifying games in October, Iran will probably be the last team that miss out on pot 3.

If Iran would have had another further two qualifying matches in October(just like other continents)they most likely would have made it in pot 3. This is a serious wrong doing by the AFC by not allowing any of its countries to be seeded in pot 3 or even 2 for the World Cup draw. As example at the moment Paraguay is way behind Iran but with qualifiers matches in October they will get pass Iran in case of a qualification.

A friendly is only worth 1 multiplier while a World Cup qualifiers is worth 2,5 in the FIFA rankings. Iran is heavily pressured to at least draw against Russia and most likely need a win to be seeded in pot 3.


By: Naveed M