Iran goalkeeper Peyman Hosseini happy to score FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup first goal

( Iran goalkeeper Peyman Hosseini is happy after scoring the first goal of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Bahamas 2017.

Iran defeated Mexico 3-2 on Thursday in Group B in Nassau.

Hosseini scored the opener of the competition with a long-range shot.

“I feel good to score the first goal of the competition but I am also happy to win our first match,” Hosseini said.

“We defeated Mexico with a good performance. The first match in each competition is always difficult and we hold our heads high,” he added.

Iran will play Italy in Group B on Saturday and the Iranian goalie hopes Team Melli are ready to beat the European team.

“We want to qualify for the competition’s semi-final, that’s why we’ve participated in the competition,” Hosseini concluded.