German media on the Iranian Bundesliga players

Vahid Hashemian

Kicker: Vahid has not been so good this season. Actually I talked to him a few days ago but he asked me to call him up again after Friday’s game, as he didn’t want to talk at this crucial point. After his time in FCB were he failed it was important to Vahid that he once again got to work with Neururer. But now that Hannover has a new coach maybe the story will start again as it seems Brdaric will be preferred over Hashemian. You know Vahid is called the helicopter due to his strength in the air but I think Vahid has not scored any goals in the Bundesliga with his head for about two years. About your claim that we usually give Vahid low grades I don’t know to be honest. It’s possible, but you know it’s difficult to grade eleven players and always be spot on.

HA: He’s had a bad start to the season although he scored a good goal against Bremen. I don’t know why but it seems he doesn’t fit well into the team (football wise). He was all right last year but this year the squad has been filled with many new players and I feel like Vahid doesn’t fit well with the rest of the team. It seems Brdaric will at now be preferred to Vahid. Neururer was sacked due to bad results but also other reasons such as he had internal fights with people within the club. He could say a thing or two which would not be the best for his own good.

Fereydoon Zandi

Kicker: I just heard this and it’s nothing I can confirm but what I heard was that Zandi has had mental problems. It seems he could have had attitude problems. Maybe it was just that he didn’t work hard enough. He was a good player in Lubeck and now in Koblenz he might have his last chance to get back to the Bundesliga. I don’t know the Koblenz team well but with Zandi’s earlier record, he has to become a fixed starter for the team.

HA: You know it’s just not Zandi who has had a tough time to find a team but approximately 150 players are out of contract. Maybe Zandi had high demands which caused the teams to back off. I strongly doubt there has been any political reasons behind Zandi’s difficulty to find a new club for this season.

Mehdi Mahdavikia

Kicker: I don’t think he will be thrown out of the team

HA: Mehdi is very important to HSV and I don’t think he will be kicked off the team. I believe many clubs will be looking to sign Mehdi if he doesn’t renew his contract with Hamburg. I think the reason why no other club signed him when HSV was looking to sell him was that they didn’t afford his salary.

Ali Karimi

Kicker: Ali is facing a very difficult task since he not only signed for a Bundesliga club but he signed for ‘the’ Bundesliga club. He needs time to adjust to everything. Last season he did show signs of brilliance and I do think that he still has not reached his best. He has got more to offer.

Askhan Dejagha

Kicker: I don’t see Ashkan too often so it’s difficult for me to talk about his situation. I remember watching him in the youth national team and back then he was always really strong for his age. With so many talents in Germany it’s not easy to be picked for the youth national teams. Hertha coach likes to give young players a shot so I believe Ashkan will get his chances. Perhaps it could be good for his development to move to a top 2nd Bundesliga club.

The Kicker reporter also explained how his magazine rates the players. He said that for each game two reporters are chosen and they each follow one team. After the game they have a short chat with each other and then set the grades. They do not have a set of criteria to rate the players according to.